Pvt. George Washington Fallin, Georgia


Sharon Methodist Church, Circa 1902, Sharon, Taliaferro, Georgia

Birth: 1832

Taliaferro County
Georgia, USA

Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery view from street, Maryland

Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery view from street.

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Death: Jul. 9, 1865
Point Lookout
St. Mary’s County
Maryland, USA 

Son of Felite Fallin and Celestia (Huckaby) Fallin of Georgia.
Husband of Susan Elizabeth Moore.

Married:  28 Feb. 1861 in Taliaferro County, Georgia.

Buried in the Confederate Memorial Park, Fallin, George W, 49 GA Inf. Co. D, POW. source: http://www.plpow.com/POWDead_NotListed.htm

“Point Lookout Prison Camp for Confederates from 1863 to 1865 in the state of Maryland during the War for Southern Independence. Point Lookout was a genocidal, ethnic cleansing, concentration camp filled with federal atrocities that housed over 52,000 Southerners, with a death count of over 14,000.”

Point Lookout is located on the east coast of the United States of America in the southern tip of Maryland in St. Mary’s County. 

Prison conditions were deplorable. Rations were below minimal, causing scurvy and malnutrition. Prisoners ate rats and raw fish. It’s recorded that one hungry Rebel devoured a raw seagull that had been washed ashore. Soap skim and trash peelings were often eaten when found. Lice, disease, and chronic diarrhea often resulted in an infectious death. Prisoners were deprived of adequate clothing, and often had no shoes in winter or, only one blanket among sixteen or more housed in old, worn, torn, discarded Union sibley tents. In the winter of 1863, 9,000 prisoners were crowded into 980 tents. Even the Point’s weather played havoc with the prisoners. Because of it’s location, it’s extremely cold with icy wind in the winter and a smoldering sun reflecting off the blinding, barren sand in summer. High water often flooded the tents in the camp area, resulting in knee deep mud. The undrained marshes bred mosquitoes. Malaria, typhoid fever and smallpox was common. The brackish water supply was contaminated by unsanitary camp conditions. There was a deadline about 10′ from the approx. 14′ wooden parapet wall. Anyone caught crossing this line, even to peek through the fence, was shot. Prisoners were also randomly shot by the guards during the night as they slept, or if they called out from pain.”

source: http://www.plpow.com/

PtLookout_PostCard, Maryland

You Got It All Wrong

You say that I’m unethical – you label me a fool
I’m simply bein’ respectful – of my g’great Grandaddy’s views
He was for love and freedom – Southern thru and thru
He fought against oppression -hate and over-rule
My great grandaddy’s daddy -went marching off to war
What he stood for gallantly – is now what I’m standing for
You’re asking me to give up -things dear to my heart
If you can’t hear me clear enough – I’ll take it from the start
You Got it all wrong!
I’m a Southern man from the sweet southland
Lordy, I’m just like you
You got it all wrong!
If you’d take my hand, you could understand
Together we’d know the truth
You got it all wrong! You got it all wrong!
Oh, I’m glad I am in Dixie – where hearts are strong and true
But that dear anthem has been banned – by people just like you
Now you want to take our flag – that very proudly waves
Over our grandfathers who are turning in their graves.
Now you don’t realize – just what you’re trying to do
If I could open up your eyes – the truth might shine on thru
This is the flag – the home – the land – of my dear family
And with every ounce of strength I’ll stand to save their memory

source: The Rebelairs

Family links:  
Felite Fallin (1786 – 1847)
Celestia Huckaby Fallin (1795 – 1879)

Susan Elizabeth Moore (1839 – 1927)

Joseph Washington Fallin (1861 – 1941)

Dovie Fallin Hunt (1827 – 1907)
George Washington Fallin (1832 – 1865)
Jasper Newton Fallin (1837 – 1862)

Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery
St. Mary’s County
Maryland, USA 

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